Thursday, January 31, 2013

Almost the Weekend?

Anybody else glad it's almost the weekend?  I think a party should be thrown in honor of weekends.

Didn't really do much exercising today.  Did about 20 mins of ab work, but other than that, my body needed a break.  Strength training on Monday, Insanity on Tuesday, and ran 3+ miles yesterday....lets just say every inch of me was begging me not to do ANYTHING.  So abs.  :)

Dinner today consisted of:

There may or may not have been a little something extra in that orange juice.


Obviously I am not yet over my bananas and peanut butter cravings.  Obviously.  This time over oatmeal.  Let me tell you, my taste buds did the happy dance when I put this into my mouth.  Seriously.

Well I'm off for tonight.  Happy almost Friday everyone!  Leave me some comment love!  :-D

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Insert Interesting Blog Title Here...

So I suppose since this being the 1st post 'n all, I should talk about something profound and incredibly interesting.  However, since my mind isn't cooperating with me and I'm not going to try and force it to, here is a picture instead.  (Told you there would be a lot of these)!


 I have been craving peanut butter and bananas horribly for the past 2 days, and figured I'd better fulfill that craving...or else.  And how was it you ask?  DELISH!  Only time will tell if this gets rid of the craving though.

I'm off for now; sorry this wasn't the most interesting of posts.  I'm off to play a little Diablo.  :)