Thursday, January 31, 2013

Almost the Weekend?

Anybody else glad it's almost the weekend?  I think a party should be thrown in honor of weekends.

Didn't really do much exercising today.  Did about 20 mins of ab work, but other than that, my body needed a break.  Strength training on Monday, Insanity on Tuesday, and ran 3+ miles yesterday....lets just say every inch of me was begging me not to do ANYTHING.  So abs.  :)

Dinner today consisted of:

There may or may not have been a little something extra in that orange juice.


Obviously I am not yet over my bananas and peanut butter cravings.  Obviously.  This time over oatmeal.  Let me tell you, my taste buds did the happy dance when I put this into my mouth.  Seriously.

Well I'm off for tonight.  Happy almost Friday everyone!  Leave me some comment love!  :-D

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